On to Cherepovets

Further south we entered a region of broad sounds and lakes. Depths plummeted from their usual 5 metres to more than 12. We stopped Tainui at sunset on a vast glassy lake, to swim and try and regain some equanimity in this troubled ship after Maxine’s bad hair day. It worked.  3 hours later we found a spot to anchor out of the channel and sleep was deep and immediate.

Today it is cooler and I am winning my battle with the few remaining march flies in Russia. It is 58 miles to Cheropovets, where we will stop for a few days’ rest. Villages begin to appear on the shores and children are swimming. Eventually the urban sprawl of a big city will appear – always a bit of a shock, this, after the solitude.                       

Here are a few pics of the last 36 hours. It has been very windy, as you can see.