Tainui has been sold, but the story continues.

Moving on  from Tainui after 20 years has been a serious business – strange and more than a little unpleasant. I have such rich memories.  As Fitzgerald said, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”. Since then a sojourn in PNG has taught me that there are other vessels, other ways of practising medicine and other adventures – a difficult lesson, but it seems to have been learned.

And so in Belfast I took delivery of Tainui’s successor Blue Dove. She is a pretty little Rival 34, whose custodianship I have signed over to Maxine. She (the boat, that is) is 40 years old and no racing greyhound, but (like Maxine) she’s seaworthy.

After a summer cruise in Scotland and Wales we put the boat to bed for the winter in Falmouth. Maxine has now taken Blue Dove to Holland where I will join her in June, when we plan to sail back to Russia.


 image1Cruising Russian waterways – With pride  and some trepidation, Maxine and I have now published an account of our Volga River journey from the Arctic to the Black Sea. Please note – while we are promoting our book, access to the website’s Russia posts has been blocked and we hope you will buy the book instead!  
How to purchase – This book is available on line from Amazon.co.uk, Arthur Beale in London, Morkinga in Moscow and Boat Books in Sydney and Melbourne.  North American and Australian purchasers note – you should order through Amazon.co.uk (not Amazon.com) or Boat Books (Sydney and Melbourne). You can find further information at http://www.sailinginrussia.org


 OCC Route mapMore Russia stuff –  You can see a map of Tainui’s travels through Russia athttp://my.yb.tl/tainui. For Maxine’s account, check out her Facebook page (Sail through Russia 2013) or, better still, buy our book! Ever resourceful, Max is setting up a new website for cruising yachts interested in exploring Russia’s waterways.