Loitering Without Portfolio

Back in Moscow with Maxine yet again. After Falmouth it is wet and chilly here, but our little nest is cosy. In addition to reconnections with friends, there have been Cartier Bresson and Brancusi exhibitions, Schiele drawings at the Pushkin, a remarkable Tretyakov exhibition of Russian revolutionary art, and a Garage Museum installation of Bone Music (Google that!). Along with everything else Moscow has to offer.

This morning Maxine left for her GMDSS course in Cowes while I, suffering a serious dose of relevance deprivation (or, as my sister calls it, loitering without portfolio), have 3 days in Moscow before returning home to Sydney.

I have assigned legal custodianship of Blue Dove to Miss Perfect. She is quite ready for boat ownership and this will give her the skipper’s skills she yearns for and has yet to complete. Finally I will acknowledge and formalise my status as 1st mate. Already she is talking about sailing BD to the Baltic and St Petersburg next season. Or else Brittany, or Portugal, or Iceland! Mutual inconsistencies like these are very typical of Miss Perfect and you can’t help loving her for, or despite them.

Blue Dove’s new skipper!

Bone Music

4 thoughts on “Loitering Without Portfolio

  1. Stefan Scheuner
    June 8, 2018 at 09:35

    Hey John
    I’m disappointed!!!!
    You in good old England and didn’t bother to tell me !!!!!
    Would have loved to meet up !!
    Ok – I forgive you
    How you keeping mate ?
    Where are you ?

    1. June 20, 2018 at 00:50

      Hello there Stefan. Good to hear from you mate. We are in Hoorn (Netherlands) preparing for a trip via Kiel to our old Russian stamping ground. St Petersburg first, then on to Lake Onega. Any chance we might catch up?

  2. Jeffrey Warr
    January 14, 2018 at 02:06

    Hello John, I was just sitting here on this freezing Wisconsin winter morning thinking about my now departed brother when it occurred to me that I should catch up on your journal of seafaring travels. It seems much has occurred in the last three years including a change of vessels. I was delighted to read that you had made a trip through Wales but disappointed in myself for not keeping abreast of your travels. You see, my darling wide Dawn and I were visiting the homeland during the time you were there and strangely enough spending a few days in the folly castle in Portmeirion. I am so sorry I missed you as you became a big part of Michael’s life and I would have loved to have bought you a pint or two of fine Welsh ale. On that note, If you should ever find yourself back in the southern part of Cymru please pay a visit to The Hardwick, one of the (literally) finest pubs in the U.K. It is owned by my first cousins Stephen and Joanna Terry and We would make sure you be welcomed with open arms. Now That I have retired from the wine industry I find have more time to read whilst watching my list of things to do grow at an alarming rate but I shall make time to follow your travels with a higher degree of regularity. Who knows, maybe I will have a chance to buy you that beer some day. Wishing you well in your future endeavors, Jeffrey Warr, Mikey’s little brother.

    1. February 7, 2018 at 16:49

      Jeffrey, have no fear mate – we will eventually meet up and raise a glass or three to your dear brother. He’s still larger than life, isn’t he?

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