Factories and Algae but no Onion Domes

we said slow down, he said get used to it





Plyos, and Dirk’s bad knee

Just before Kineshma we passed Plyos, famed outdoor artists’ centre. We couldn’t find anywhere to stop, so that visit will have to wait for our next Volga transit.

I had a lovely chat with Chris in Alice Springs this morning. She admitted to having dipped into this website. I expected (and hoped for) glowing praise but her only comment was “there are too many onion domes”. DSC_4375 Out of this superficial, cruel and inaccurate remark was born our  new photographic portfolio “Russian Factories”. Because of my love for Chris I have decided neither to speak of, nor post pictures onion domes ever again.


Kineshma is a fertile source of photos. DSC_4388Also noteworthy about this straggling industrial waterfront is the rich, soupy algal bloom covering the surface of the water. Those on the Nepean River worried about small bouquets of greenery destroying one of Sydney’s waterways should take note.

It is getting hotter. Awnings are now de rigueur and on deck shoes are needed to prevent serious burns to the soles of our feet. But the breezes are cooling and we stop regularly midstream for swims. Except in the vicinity of Kineshma.

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