Dogs, not Budgies

…the etymology of the name Canaries, that is.

Our Canaries landfall was Isla Graciosa, a lazy, quiet island to the north of Lanzarote. White stucco dwellings with blue trim sit lonely on the sand and not much happens there. After 4 windy days at sea we tied up in the small harbour with relief and fell into deep sleep. Fresh bullets swept down off the northern cliffs of Lanzarote but we were cosy and carefree. In an easterly the breeze here funnels through the channel with some ferocity – 24 hours later it was gusting to 40 knots. Gerry Dykstra had said when you get to Graciosa you won’t want to leave. I know what he means. 


Canaries landfall


La Graciosa village


La Graciosa harbour

Skipper with fishermen


..and his wonderful crew

..and his wonderful crew


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