Do svidaniya Russia

Well, we’re off. After 3 days of rigorous and tiring negotiation and 4 hours of paperwork on board this morning, we were given clearance to leave Russia by the Port Captain and officers from the departments of Immigration and Customs. Maxine is the hero of the day.

DSC_5035Now we are motoring down the Don in late afternoon sun with a light headwind and bright blue skies. The sea is just 5 km ahead.

We both feel quite flat, not least because we had so little sleep last night. Rosie left at 3.30 am and phoned us at 5.00 to announce that immigration at Rostov airport would not let her board her flight because her Russian visa expired yesterday. That was all sorted eventually, but sleep was the big loser.

This is neither the time to sum up, nor to give an overview of our rich, eventful summer. That must wait for another day.

The website will be silent for a few days and our next post will be from Ukraine, touch wood.

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