Re denouements, conclusions, epilogues and things, I have found myself reluctant to pen this blog.

Posting to this website has become such an ingrained habit that I don’t know how to stop. More importantly, I can’t find words which encapsulate adequately the joys and discomforts of Tainui’s journey; the welcome respite she has secured in countless remote bays and anchorages (Ho Ho Bay, Seno Pia Este, Heel of Grandma’s Boot, Isabela and so many others); the calms and storms she has endured on my behalf, and the splendid crew who have accompanied me.

Finally, I am loath to close the door on further adventures in Tainui just yet. Off Moreton Island I was looking forward to hanging up my life jacket once and for all and buying a farm. Now however (well, after AQIS has finished with us), Middleton Reef and Lord Howe Island beckon. Both of them are good excuses to keep this website open a while longer, especially if Maxine comes good with her threat to join Tainui again.

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