And yet

…and yet there is always tomorrow.

Today we have been romping along at 8.5 knots with a steady, fresh ESE breeze of 20-25 knots, with two headsails and Mr Aries steering superbly. Grey, grey skies, but this evening for the first time we have seen a patch of blue.

After Melanie’s most superb salad, an afternoon in bed reading Christopher Brookmyre, I have the pleasure of fresh baked bread and terrine, Jochen’s excellent “special drinks” and the pleasure of a sharing the boat with a melded crew of likeable and competent seapersons. With the spray dodger up and the side curtains down the cockpit is dry and snug. We salute the passing of the half way mark with special intoxicants as we listen to Anour Brahem’s Chat Noir, Stephen Hough playing Alkan etudes, Janis Joplin’s Mary Jane, Tales of Hoffman and Pepe Romero’s asturias.

Grey though our world has been, tonight we saw a real sunset. You wouldn’t be dead for quids, mate.

Niue etc68

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