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Thanks to John and Tainui, we have just spent two wonderful weeks in the fabled islands of the Galapagos, and found them every bit as romantic and astonishing as promised.

The boys have adequately described the incredible wildlife encounters we have had, and John has promised to share some photos here on the blog, so it remains to me to add some detail about life on board with two salty seadogs named John. Firstly, I found them both to be surprisingly easy going.. “What–ever” became our catch-cry as important decisions were made in what were loosely described as daily planning meetings. They could talk tirelessly of stories they’d read, people they’d met, and experiences they’d shared, all involving boats, seamanship and legendary sailors. Even after two weeks of chatting they still hadn’t run out of stories and books to recommend to each other. Their dry sense of humour was always apparent. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much and been so continuously happy for a very long time. Thanks boys.

After many years in port it has been a joy to be back on board Tainui, experiencing the freedom of sailing in tropical waters, the eclectic music, astonishing adventures and daily shipboard life with two such special guys. It’s been seven years since we cruised through the islands of the Caribbean together. Now, to add the Galapagos to the list of ports we’ve shared, is an absolute delight.

Thanks John, for everything

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