…now there’s a word!

In preparation for it, Lucy and I took Miss Perfect down to Tasmania to ogle at the eccentricities of MONA and visit Port Arthur before she (Miss Perfect) fled back to her chilly northern hemisphere. On the Apple Isle the two of them were only slightly abstemious.

Back in Sydney after Neil’s splendid Melbourne Ring Cycle I then had no excuse but to begin preparing Tainui for her next owners.

Here in Brooklyn, in 40 humid degrees, we have sweltered through the tedious business of unloading 70,000 miles and 15 years worth of detritus, spares, and general paraphernalia from the boat. Ian has been a tower of strength and poor Tainui, uncomplaining and dignified, now sits 5″ higher in the water waiting for her next adventure. I do, too. While absolutely necessary, closing the door on such a rich and rewarding adventure has been a painful process, one I have approached reluctantly and with difficulty.

What next? Tainui will be left at Lovett Bay in Tim Stranack’s capable hands, for a tart-up before she goes on the market. Meanwhile, I have 6 weeks in Moscow with Maxine. It is -30 degrees there at the moment, heaven forbid!

Re this Old Fart’s next adventures I can only say – absquatulate first, then watch this space.

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