With 25 kt northerlies, forecast increasing to 30 kts, there will be no refugee boats departing Libya in the next 3 days.

Golfo Azzurro and the German rescue boat See Fuchs have taken shelter in the Tunisian port of Zarzis. It is a bleak, windy commercial port, partially constructed, which offers us no obvious delights other than a shared cameraderie with the See Fuchs crew.

See Fuchs visitors

As an Australian I am the only crew member aboard Golfo who needs, but cannot immediately obtain a visa. So I sit aboard and attempt understanding of our hospital supplies and their Spanish labels.

During yesterday’s rolly passage in irritating beam seas we took a wave through an open window on the bridge yesterday. Some idiot (it was me, of course) had opened it for cross ventilation and our wifi router took an unexpected bath. At least I was able to fix that.

Now, under cloudless skies the heat is tempered by a fresh breeze. After our uncomfortable passage from Tripoli and the rescue zone it is mellow here.

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