We finished our transatlantic crossing yesterday when we tied up in Scalloway in the Shetland Islands. The only sailboat among hundreds of beautiful, tiny local fishing boats. Treeless hills, purple heather, shetland ponies like in kiddies picture books, cosy pubs and wonderfully friendly people. We had a calm 30 hour crossing from Torshavn, with full sail and idling engine. It is sunny here, and oh so picturesque.


Shetland Bus memorial

The legendary Sheltand Bus operated out of Scalloway during WW2. Hardy fishermen stole across to Norway during dark winter nights delivering weapons and supplies, and bringing back agents. 

We took the bus across to quaint but lively Lerwick on the east side of the island for information about ports and tides further south. A kindly pilot at the marine board gave us an old copy of Reed’s Almanac, which did the trick nicely.

inshore fishing competition

inshore fishing competition

Back in Scalloway the annual inshore fishing competition was under way. The object – to catch as many species as possible between 9am and 5 pm. The record was 11! Then of course, the catches had to be eaten.Shetlands088Shetlands086


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