The marina at Palma is big (1,000 yachts), hot and very expensive (120 euros per night). Little Miss Perfect arrived like a breath of fresh air. She immediately armed herself with scouring pads, and threatened vacuum cleaner activity. With all sorts of offensive cleaning weapons she got to work. In re depression, she just said “take the pills and get on with it”. So I did.


Little Miss Perfect







014At Palma marina I was astonished and delighted to stumble across an elderly Bristol Channel pilot cutter. Bright yellow, I felt sure she was “Mischief”. Bill Tillman’s first high latitude cruising boat, Mischief was lost on the east coast of Jan Mayen and I thought that was her final resting place. But apparently she was brought back to UK and rebuilt. What a joy! We had Tilman’s book “Mischief in Patagonia” open on our chart table for two seasons’ cruising in the Patatgonian channels. Such an inspiration it was. Talk about 6 degrees of separation.

[Note – I have since discovered that this was a replica]

The other memorable thing we discovered in Palma was its grand Gothic cathedral and, more particularly, Gaudi’s reworked west chapel. Check out the pictures!


I mentioned 6 degrees of separation, of `which more anon. But reading about the Balearics I was surprised to find that our old friends the Vikings were here too, about a millenium ago (859 AD). I doubt they came our way (from Russia and the east), although I can’t find record of that. Slotted in between Carthaginians, Vandals and the Cordoban Emirate, they tried but failed to establish a foothold on Minorca. They laid waste to numerous byzantine churches in their attempt.

3 thoughts on “Palma

  1. Nick Bursey
    September 3, 2015 at 18:05

    Hello John, just been reading your latest news. The Balearics must be a distant memory by now. Liife here goes on (expensively) and as I have just had two painful winters in a row (painful on my wallet) replacing the deck and rigging, it has been a quiet summer. Back to Perth in a few days’ time, until next May.
    Best wishes for your onward voyaging in November.

  2. September 27, 2014 at 16:13

    Good to read of your onward travels from the hot and expensive experience of Palma…. I remember with pleasure hearing of your world voyaging while drinking your apparently endless beer stocks. Sorry to read that San Antoni claimed your iPhone – it is indeed an evil spot! Presumably your laptop at least was fixed in Palma?
    Alito 4 now resting for the winter, while we are in the NW of Aus swimming with turtles on Ningaloo Reef.
    Best wishes to Tainui and her crew
    Nick Bursey

    1. November 27, 2014 at 17:24

      Many thanks Nick. What plans do you have for Alito next season?

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