Occam’s Razor

This one’s mainly about coolant, for the blokes.

Anchored last night in flat water at the southern end of a lozenge-shaped island called Losenj, I checked the coolant. To my astonishment I found there had been no loss at all after 10 hours of motoring. I have put on a new 13 psi radiator cap and installed a larger overflow reservoir. My guess is that the old, 1 litre reservoir was filling and itself overflowing into the bilge. Now, the excess all returns to the header tank as the engine cools down. Apart from the hose leak we found in Montenegro, could that be all it was? It will be a year before I stop my 4 hourly checks on coolant levels, but the omens may be good. 

Porer lighthouse

Porer lighthouse

Pula gun emplacements

Pula gun emplacements








As if I weren’t already happy enough, a cool land breeze this morning gave Tainui a fast 30 mile sail across the gulf to Pula. Never did a beer taste so good, even at 7 am. Near the imposing lighthouse and the gun emplacements the wind died and we motored gently into Pula Harbour. Not the most attractive place, but the 2,000 year old coliseum on the waterfront makes up for a lot.


I’ve got 3 days’ boat work until Jasper and Maxine arrive, then Tainui’s off to Venice.

As for Tainui’s coolant issues, time will tell. But without superstition I am crossing my fingers and toes. So simple. The lesson for today – never forget William of Occam.

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