North Cape, near as dammit

approach to Honninsvag

“Near as dammit” because here at Honningsvåg the Hurtigruten ferry stops to allow tourists to travel by road 35km north to North Cape, the northernmost tip of mainland Europe.

We removed the exhaust manifold in Hammerfest and we think we found the leak – an obscure welch plug on the under side of the unit. Resealed and fingers crossed. Today it has been warm and sunny. We motor-sailed (and sometimes just sailed) north to Honningsvåg in flat water.



Mountains have given way to rolling, snowy hills. In Magerøysund reindeer dotted the rocky shores, waiting to swim across to their summer pastures on the island. Apart from an occasional fishing boat we had this huge landscape to ourselves all day. Such a privilege. Crunch time comes tomorrow morning, when I check the engine coolant level. But now, to bed.

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