After two expensive (EUR 160 per day!) but luxuriously worthwhile nights at Dubrovnik marina we motored 35 miles down to Montenegro over calm seas.

In Kotor, The Pheromonals climbed to the top of the splendid walled battlements above the town. Mindful of my dreadful knees I chose to doze and potter on board, instead.

We left Montenegro after another of those false starts which punctuate Tainui’s travels. During a routine check of the engine room I noticed a leak from the salt water exhaust siphon fitting. Completely inaccessible, as always. We had cleared customs and immigration but were still tied up at the pontoon, which was fortunate. I was able to do a temporary repair job (the ones which usually turn out to be permanent) in relative comfort. It would have been a nightmare job at sea.

Now we are off Budva, with a gentle southerly breeze, a lazy westerly swell and 2 knots of favourable current.

Lucy's edible salad

Lucy’s edible salad

Having done us a splendid couscous, prosciutto and goat cheese salad (yes Chris, I ate it all!) Lucy is now reading us extracts from Isherwood’s Berlin Stories.

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I must say a thing or two about Lucy. This lovely young woman marches to her own tune . She always has, I suspect. Lucy is a superb cook (she is the inventor of the edible salad) and an enthusiastic, capable crewperson, although she can drift off into private reveries for no apparent reason. She adores Dan, as does he she. But what she does exceptionally well is draw. Here follow a few of her recent works, which speak for themselves. Clearly she has a career ahead of herself. These works, reproduced with Lucy’s permission, are superb.


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