Clearance out (not)

On Saturday I walked round the waterfront to clear customs and immigration for our Sunday departure. They had warned me to clear out on Saturday because the Police department is closed on Sundays.

 When I go there they  said sorry, we’re closed till Monday. I suppose we could easily have just left Cabo Verde without formal clearance anyway, but they are holding our ship’s papers. I thought of Chris as I drew myself up to full height and did my “now look here, my good man…”. She hates it when I do that,  but it seemed to work. I wasn’t patronising, just firm. You have to be if you want bureaucratic cooperation, Chris. In any case, they assured me they would come back at 4 to do the paperwork. Dutifully I returned at 4 and they said “sorry, we’re closed. Come back on Monday.”

 So we’re stuck here another 2 days. Oh well.

Mindelo waterfront

Mindelo waterfront

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