Another high latitude hermit

Our paths first crossed in Svalbard and tonight, after a lengthy internet interview we dined with veteran yachtsman Nikolai Litau. He’s one of those sailors who make (or is it “makes”?) you realise how unimportant your own little adventures have been. CCA Blue Water medalist, Tillman medalist, Russian Yachtsman of the Year, he has two circumnavigations under his belt in addition to both Arctic and Antarctic circumnavigations. Nikolai sailed the Volga with Miles Clark in 1994 and in Northabout he has just completed dual northeast and northwest passage transits (in just 7 weeks for the whole circumnavigation, can you believe it?).

We have many high latitude hermit colleagues in common and he is a splendid fellow. We have agreed to exchange books with him and I know that Max and I will be in contact with Nikolai about future voyages.

Nikolay at Barentsburg (Svalbard) 2012

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