31.01.09 – on to Parati

Sebast008Last night the sunset was a vulgar Roger Dadd cataclysm. Unsubtle oranges and blacks. We were chased into San Sebastiano channel by the thunderstorm which brought cooling rain and a favourable breeze. We anchored in 10m of calm water off Pinta YC, tired but happy. Ashore the partying went on till 1 am but we were dead.

Today it is calm and by 0900 warmer than needs be. 130 miles to Rio. Another flat windless ocean. Dave serves an omlette which he says is one of his 7 ways of serving tomato ketchup.

parati032xWe anchor off Parati at 2030 in 3.5 m mud. Schooners are silhouetted against the town lights and there is a steady rhythm of drums ashore. Dave rows ashore for a meal. I stay aboard out of an excess of caution, there being warnings about leaving boats unattended here at night. A chance to normalise with some music.

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