27.12.06 – slow but sunny

Sunny. The wretched ESE headwind persists and the barometer is rising again. DMG yesterday was 110 miles! This is unbelievable. Still, we’re on course now.

I am rediscovering Apollon Musagete. Call me old-fashioned, but I do like Stravinsky’s classical period. Inevitably I think of my dear sister Janey, who brought the ballet into my first boat as “Theme Song from Awatea”. Such memories. What a trooper that girl is. Hers has not been an easy journey and I love the quiet fortitude with which she has made it work.

Dave, in one of his cleaning moods, empties the ocean recyclables over the side. First though he asks whether today is the right day for recycling waste. I can’t remember – check which bin the neighbours have out, I tell him.

In 4 miles we move from 3,000’s to 2,000’s (that’s miles to go) and I am surprised what a milestone it is shaping up to be. We’re nearly half way across. God!

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