09.12.06 – Marlborough Sounds

09.12.06 Marlborough Sounds

Marlborough Sound

Marlborough Sound

Ah, the sweet smell of success! We’ve fixed the sailmail modem cable. Sheer bloodymindedness won out in the end – a testament to OCD. We spent 3 hours head down in a narrow cupboard on our elbows, wearing 2 pairs of spectacles each, using an improvised soldering iron – a lump of steel heated on an old kero tilley stove in the cockpit . There were 12 multicoloured 1 micron wire filaments to be joined. Like doing nerve transplantation at a blacksmith’s forge.

We spent a cold and windy night anchored at Homestead Bay, but this morning is calm and warm. We’ve another day’s travel through the Sounds to our jumping-off place.

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