07.02.07 – Ensenada los Mogotes

Happy birthday Chris!

It is grey and raining, with poor visibility. A snug anchorage in the mountains with Rousseau’s rainforest all around. Breakfast in bed, but the promised glacier gift will be a day or 2 late. We motor south down Canal Costa helped by 1 knot of tide. No wind, grey and raining. Anouar Brahem, fresh bread, Mahler 5. Chris’ gold earring had been miraculously discovered in the cockpit grating (yes, madam does indeed sport earrings at sea).


typical weather

typical weather

After upping anchor, himself (how relieved was she that it was he) had accidentally left open both the deckwash inflow seacock and the bilge pump outflow seacock. This is an absolutely not-to-be-done thing. An hour down the canale our floorboards were awash. An anxious search for the source took a while because fortuitously I started at the wrong end of the boat. Chris pumped furiously. Chris was dismayed by this flagrant demonstration of my vincibility and our vulnerability. I made light of the whole affair but feel a complete idiot. I have since revised the plumbing so that this cannot happen again.

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