05.01.09 – baggage woes

I have just arrived in Buenos Aires but my baggage is enjoying an unexpected stop-over in Cordoba. Gritty eyes, a sore knee and an empty brain will just have to be put up with till the hotel room is available at 11 o´clock. Till then I will sit at the little bar on the corner and make do with Alice Sebold, coffee and reminiscences.

 Rosie’s Xanax had me comatose at Santiago transit lounge and I slept through the boarding call. My luggage went on to Cordoba while I had to buy a $500 ticket direct getting me to BA at 10pm. The unclaimed baggage office was closed and I was told to wait until it opened again at 5am. I dozed fitfully on very comfortable bench seat in a closed sushi bar, admitting ruefully that age has cruelled my enthusiasm for this sort of thing. At 5.30 am I found that my unaccompanied baggage had been returned to Santiago from Cordoba. Seething, jetlagged and still Xanadone, I took a bus in to San Telmo, showered and then spent an hour waiting in the packed LAN office with my ticket (A006) in my hand. The bags did arrive that evening however. Still, I’m here.


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