Spring equinox

Archipelago Los Roques is an absolute jewel! We entered this vast array of coral cays, tranquil lagoons and islands soon after dawn, threading our way between coral heads into a broad, deep and protected anchorage to swim, eat and sleep. 

There is a handful of other yachts here but room for thousands more. The colours of the water defy belief. Terns, noddies, pelicans and boobies fish seriously all round. On the main island there is a small airport, a village with sand streets and scattered tavernas and a handful of Venezuelan tourists.

Kite surfing is popular here, but the main attraction seems to be the picnic lunch. A pirogue takes a pair of young lovers out to some deserted cay and leaves them with beach umbrella, an icebox full of goodies and deckchairs. We don’t speculate as to what goes on, but they are brought ¬†back several hours later looking tired and happy.



2 thoughts on “Spring equinox

  1. bill
    2015-04-07T07:16:50+00:000000005030201504 at 7:16 am

    Lovely to see the smile on Maxine’s face. You guys seem to be having a great leg. Best to you both

    1. 2015-04-08T02:39:28+00:000000002830201504 at 2:39 am

      Bill, about that smile – for once Maxine has no complaint about Tainui’s lack of underfloor heating. And we’ve got her a wine-cooler!

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