Maxine and the crocodile

Crocodile watch

Crocodile watch

After breakfast pancakes Miss Perfect and I went for a swim. I was already out of the water when the lads pointed out a crocodile approaching from the shore. A big fellow – perhaps 3 metres long. We shouted to Maxine who initially thought we were cracking a not very funny joke. But eventually she carved a deep furrow in the lake. I’ve never seen her swim so fast. The crocodile was still 75 metres away when she flopped onto the deck.

Unlike Maxine, our line handlers thought it was all very amusing. These Gatun crocodiles don’t usually attack humans, although there was a fatal attack in 1994. I didn’t relish the thought of dealing with a traumatic amputation on board, but I suppose we would have managed. But as an amputee, Maxine would have complained bitterly, I know.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of this splendid event.



Gatun mooring buoy


Along the canal


3 thoughts on “Maxine and the crocodile

  1. Bill Stokoe
    2015-11-21T08:20:32+00:000000003230201511 at 8:20 am

    The croc would not have stood a chance

    1. 2015-11-21T10:18:13+00:000000001330201511 at 10:18 am

      You’re probably right Bill. She is such a bully. But I’ll post a pic of one they caught in Gatun which would probably’ve been a match even for madam

      1. Bill Stokoe
        2015-11-22T07:22:33+00:000000003330201511 at 7:22 am

        Not a Gatun gator then. Bummer about prop coupling. Hope you’re fixed ok. My best to you both.

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