Calm sea and prosperous voyage

…at least, I hope so. In any case Mendelssohn is just perfect for this morning. In Croatia, travelling north you have to set off early to get up some miles before the northerlies kick in. But at 6 am the seas are glassy. Dalmatia hereabouts is littered with islands, low, wooded and mostly uninhabited. They glow in the soft dawn light.

r089Last night’s anchorage was memorable – a secluded bay in a national park, sandy bottom (the bay’s, not mine) and utter silence. Retrieving the anchor this morning I was able to do staged flaking, 10 metres at a time, and it was easy. No manual hauling and the remains of my lumbar spine saved for another day.

Now the town of Sali is abeam and its red tiled roofs seem to be afire. Trawlers are making their way into harbour. Mr Ford is purring and, with a heady brew of coffee, so am I.




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