The tourists do little to diminish the grandeur of Ephesus. For 2,000 years it was a tourist town and today’s visitors are nothing new. It may be a bit ruined, but then again Ephesus has been ravaged by earthquake, broken and rebuilt many times. And only 20% of the site has so far been excavated. 

Chris and I are quite spellbound. Pictures are better than worEph003ds (mine, at least).

2 thoughts on “Ephesus

  1. alper
    2015-02-05T00:01:43+00:000000004328201502 at 12:01 am

    Hello,bon voyage,
    when i visited your website, i saw that Ephesus is in Greece link
    but as you know Ephesus is in Turkey not in Greece,
    best wishes from Turkey…
    Also Ilya (russian officer) say “hi” to you (you drink beer together in Eregli/Turkey)

    1. 2015-02-20T09:16:14+00:000000001428201502 at 9:16 am

      Thanks to you, and I apologise for the obvious error. It’s been corrected!

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