Departure delayed

After a splendid farewell meal last night we waltzed back to Tainui in good spirits. Moored bow in, the boat presents a mildly challenging hurdle when boarding, even though the thoughtful skipper has rigged a boarding ladder which hangs from the pulpit. 

Ian climbed on first, and the attached picture says it all. Stone cold sober, Maxine and I were rolling about with laughter on the jetty when I made an executive decision to delay our departure for 24 hours. 


The following morning we are all feeling a bit seedy and only Maxine did fried eggs for herself. I feel justified in my decision. 

2 thoughts on “Departure delayed

  1. Maxine
    2015-01-19T00:45:02+00:000000000231201501 at 12:45 am

    Next time, I’ll feed you my newly bought Russian grits; perfect hangover cure.

  2. Lieve Moscow
    2015-01-19T00:29:16+00:000000001631201501 at 12:29 am

    Looks like you need another farewell party ;-)

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