The Chekhov Institute

Our Tainui Volga presentation at the Chekhov Institute attracted a full house. We spoke informally, in English, with slides. Giving these lectures it is always a challenge deciding what your audience wants to hear and, in Russia, how to deliver the story.

During the week beforehand Maxine, as usual, had been furious with my lack of any managerial approach to our preparation. So what else is new? But it was easy as it turned out. All went smoothly, with many questions, informal side tracks and general enthusiasm. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Back at home Miss Perfect and I agreed that there was an element of closure for us in this talk – we’ve now done Australia, UK and Russia. There’s only USA left, and that will depend on the response there which our Cruising World book review attracts. Personally, I hope we can do North America.

Now for a few days’ R&R in Moscow, then it’s back to Sydney to supervise Tainui’s preparation for sale. That will be an emotional challenge for me.

Italian Embassy and Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the bedroom window

Russian winter is captivating

…not so sure about the plumbing though

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  1. Eduard Tibet
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    Next page is also w/o images.

    1. 2017-03-26T20:29:12+00:000000001231201703 at 8:29 pm

      Eduard, you’d make an excellent website editor! I hope that Alfred’s image is now on the site, mate

  2. Eduard Tibet
    2017-03-26T05:39:26+00:000000002631201703 at 5:39 am

    Hi John!

    I suggest here are some software bugs influenced the page – no images visible. Could you, please, fix it?


    1. Eduard Tibet
      2017-03-26T19:15:10+00:000000001031201703 at 7:15 pm

      1. BTW, it is not very clear for me, as a Russian citizen, what exact “Chekhov Institute” you meant.

      2. Really it is not exact plumbing but natural gas supplying – pipes supposed to be a natural gas within are always marked yellow in Russia. Just note this color mark and next time you will be pretty sure about the exact substances are within such pipes :)

      P.S. Great story about first travel from Norway to Black Sea. Really pleasure reading. Thanks for sharing! :)

      1. 2017-03-27T16:40:01+00:000000000131201703 at 4:40 pm

        Check out for details mate.

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