Work Day

Don't be surprised

Don’t be surprised

Believe it or not, work days do exist!

Maxine and Dirk have cloistered themselves in a hotel for a couple of days. Tainui is suddenly quite a lot larger, not that Max takes up more than her allotted space on board. Indeed quite the contrary. But still, the boat is bigger. And I can make a mess without fear of being disturbed.

First a full engine service. Like refueling, this is a job I have never learned to do without making a mess. Our old Ford diesel loves the attention though. Especially those difficult access jobs like topping up injector pump and gearbox oils.

Next I adjust and tighten the mast supports on deck. A clown roared past us yesterday and the whole edifice lurched aft about a foot because my stays were not tight enough. This time, with the help of the anchor winch, all is bar tight and I only hope I don’t banana the deck.

I don’t hoover the boat often because our vacuum cleaner is stowed in one of the world’s most inaccessible places. But that was the next job. Maxine has been complaining about her lack of access to the cleaner and it now lives under the dining table.

Our decks are a bit of a mess up forward after some very muddy anchorages, so I then turn to the deck wash pump which, as I have said, has a prostate problem. I am still at that job, and the cabin sole is covered with a wealth of tools. It is time to stop for a palate-cleansing ale. I can leave the mess because I am all alone.


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