At Monjes del Sur we threw our bow line, poled out the big staysail and the yankee and loped west along the coast of Colombia in a respectably gentle breeze, ticking off lighthouses. Not rocket science, and in fact a bit of a doddle. 14 hours later, at 9 am, we turned south round Cabo de la Vela and anchored well offshore in its lee. A low, dry coast is studded with rather bleak-looking holiday dachas and dusty 4WDs groping along bush tracks.


breezy anchorage


a curious visitor


Easter Sunday at Vela


Herself is gone over the side in a flash, while I, after a beer, am off to bed!

By lunchtime a band of cloud has passed over us, with 25-30 knot breezes tickling our snubbing line. Over a mile offshore there is some chop, but it feels secure. The big question – is this normal Colombia weather? I suspect it is, yesterday having been the aberration. We’ll see. The plan is to swim, catch up on sleep, tipple and then leave tomorrow afternoon for Santa Marta, which is 120 miles further west. Today would be fine running downwind but the prospects of a snooze and a good book are unassailable.

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