The Volga


The Rybinsk waterfront is mixed commercial and high rise residential. As the city recedes behind us we begin to realise that we are really here. In Russia, on the Volga River, and only the third foreign yacht to follow this path in the last century. 

It is about 60 miles down the Volga from Rybinsk to Yaroslavl, where we plan to spend a few days exploring this world heritage rated old city. 

As for the Volga itself – well, after our unpleasant crossing from Cherepovets the river gave us a good excuse for relaxed and lazy motoring with some robust tippling. A beautiful, broad river here, with forested hills, towering onion-domed churches, tasteful dachas, busy commercial traffic and wealthy-looking towns. There are rich forests, steep hillsides, flat reaches with reedbeds and sandy beaches.

I still can’t quite believe we’re here.



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