The shouting and the tumult die

…the captain and the king (princess) departs.

As always, Little Miss Perfect has left a larger, quieter and emptier boat behind her. But I think she has been captivated by the prospect of a canal transit and with some bullying I may entice her back aboard in November. She has been a model of care and discretion this time – since Gibraltar I can only recall three or four spilled drinks and less than half a dozen personal injuries (none of them inflicted by me).  But it has been such a slow learning process for her. On the plus side, I can say that politics and her hygiene obsession aside she is as good a crew member as you could find. She will however, be very cross about the following pictures. 

IMG_6615x 009

Now the tedious work can begin – the toilet repair, inner forestay turnbuckle replacement, winch service, laundry, outboard service and so forth. The list is always there and always getting longer – you think that completion will give you a perfect boat, but those tasks just continue to accumulate. Oh, well.

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