Suddenly we are not alone

We have decided to split the final leg to Marmaris into two short days. Refreshed and with no regrets we left at 9 am, something of a record for Tainui. South, past the east end of Kos, home of lettuce and Hippocrates (Galen’s was Pergamon) we found the bay dotted with yachts, mostly Eurovision song Contest models, but sailing boats nonetheless. They are the first we have seen since Istanbul. It is another lovely day, with steady beam wind and Tania’s delicious aladya blinis

IMG_4411 We stopped mid-ocean for a swim and a beer.IMG_4413


This has been Tania’s first cruising experience. An important one for Pasha, who has been keen for her to love it. He has big plans for them both. Fortunately, Tania does indeed love it. Her quiet, unobtrusive demeanour hides a sharp mind and impish wit. And she is a fine cook. Pasha, on the other hand, is all boyish enthusiasm. He has a restlessly enquiring mind and he needs to be kept active, a task I rise to with great pleasure. With experience to complement his theoretical knowledge he will make a good seaman. And the bastard doesn’t get seasick! For the first time in 40 years I can leave much of the deck work, engine jobs, IT nonsense and general boat folderol to my crew. Soon I can retire to my nursing home knowing that the able sailors Tainui has acquired this summer will manage the boat for me.

Now I sit and listen to the quiet music of their Cyrillic chatter as Pasha steers and Tania looks in wonder at the world around us. Not bad.

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