Sagging – Russia’s great problem

This is not about the effects of old age on a bloke’s physiognomy but advice to readers about a wonderful opportunity to make money in Russia.

I had not realised the devastating impact of perestrioka on the lives of ordinary Russians. As Russia came to terms with its bankruptcy and opened itself up to free marketeering, standards of living plummeted, food queues grew, salaries went unpaid.  But those ready to embrace the opportunities provided by private enterprise became wealthy very quickly. In her book Helen Womack describes the chaos of this process with clarity.

DSC_4597One thing Russia does not do well is roofing. Specially main roof beams. I do not know why this is. Wherever you look you see them sagging. You can even hear them groaning as they give up their battles with gravity. Like me.

There is real need here for an enterprising young bloke with carpentry and roofing skills. He would get rich fast and do Russia a great favour.



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