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Tainui’s berth in Yaroslavl could hardly be more central. The golden domes of the Cathedral of the Annunciation loom over her and their sonorous carillon rings loud every morning and evening.

Unfortunately though, there are big loudspeakers in the park next door which blare out a curious mixture of music all day – excerpts from Swan Lake, Star Wars and some techo noise that Maxine seems to know – played over and over. The third source of noise is the local restaurant at the end of our pier, which has Brazilian samba music, country and western songs and some more techno noise that Maxine seems to know. The overall effect is disconcerting. Dirk and Maxine don’t seem troubled but it drives me crazy. 

IMG_3395We have met many friendly, generous and helpful people in Russia. Yesterday local yachtsman Sandro took us for an afternoon cruise on his Carter 30, so we could gather some detailed information on berths and anchorages in Yaroslavl, for cruising sailors who follow. Sandro is knowledgeable and he will make a useful contact.

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