Off at Last!

We are at sea – finally. We slipped out of the glassy harbour this morning, out from under the imposing bum of the Hurtigruten Finnmark, past the splendid graffiti on the waterfront storehouses and into the bay.




DSC_3965 DSC_3997   Vardo007 Vardo010 Vardo013 Vardo014 Vardo015 Vardo016


I am reminded of a photograph in the Vardo museum of a storm in this same harbour and am grateful that for the twin luxuries of a flexible timetable and good weather forecasts. 


The top secret NATO radar installation domes stand bold to starboard. We have a lovely warm and cloudless day, an 8 kt northerly and a steady barometer. Lumpy seas do not prevent on of us downing a palate-cleansing ale. We have about 5 days at sea, touch wood.


Our track will keep us out of Russian territorial waters until the passage from the Barents Sea into the White Sea, but we will report in to Russia Coast Guard as we pass each of their defined coastal waypoints. Contact with us for now is only via short email to Fair winds all!

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