We came out of lock number 19 at 8 pm and cracked a bottle of chardonnic. Tired but

The trip across Lake Onega to Vytegra is about 130 miles and this bit of water has a
reputation for changeable weather with short steep seas. Although we are exhilarated at
getting here we are tired and the wind is 20 knots right on the nose.


So we have crept into Medvezhegorsk to tipple and to sleep. Tied up at a disused shipping wharf we have the skeletal remains of huge soviet cranes hanging over us. We are the only living things in this tiny harbour. I embrace the feeling of isolation. A heavily tattoed chap with his chatty girlfriend and a labrador pup stopped by to see what and who we were. They wanted to see what the big white stick was, in the harbour. Tainui is the first yacht they had ever seen.  The town itself is 5 km away and we will explore tomorrow. I think we may be here for a couple of days till the weather improves. Sadly, our wonderful Pasha leaves us here and we have a few days to manage till Dirk arrives. Thence I expect Maxine will stop snarling and go all soft and considerate.

Before we collapsed into our bunks a huge thunderstorm passed over us. Fireworks but little wind. In any case this is a snug spot.

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