Where has all the coolant gone?

I am running in treacle. Silly, boat-in-foreign-country things like getting a SIM card that works, downloading AIS and Iridium software drivers for the new Windows 7 computer, living on the hard without water and 10 miles out of town. And without a word of Norwegian. All of that is normal, but this engine coolant loss problem has me and Sentrum Diesel stumped. Pressure testing confirms a steady loss at 1 bar. But the exhaust manifold is quite dry and the heat exchanger/header tank pressure tests normally. There is no external loss and the oil is not milky. Where on earth is that water going?


It is still cold and icy. Winter comes and goes late in northern Norway. Nonetheless, new anodes have been installed, sails are bent on and stowage is progressing satisfactorily. My new folding bicycle is a godsend and I get into town daily for R&R, which saves my sanity. Spirits have risen even though coolant levels have fallen. As Chris would say, just do one day at a time.


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