Well, we’re well settled into the cruising mode. After breakfast omlettes with Anna’s fresh baked bread, we fell into the dinghy for snorkelling in a channel between the islets. A parks official tried to chase us away, insisting that we could only snorkel with a group and a guide. We were not deterred. Today’s checklist – 2 reef sharks, one green turtle, a spotted ray, curious little galapagos penguins, languid sea lions and blue-footed boobies.

Benoit, our French friend from Bahia Caraquez, departed with 3 crew for the Marquesas in the lightest of southerly breeze, and we are now alone with Mother Nature in this beautiful bay. You’ll get the idea from these pics:

galapagos024 galapagos059galapagos034

galapagos058shrunk047 shrunk029 shrunk048 shrunk049

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