Fathers’ Day on the Don

Today is Fathers’ Day and my present was the best low calorie cake known to father. My candles were Belomor Gulag cigarettes. I believe I was the only father in the entire world with this cake adornment. The children have played cards, Rosie has been cooking, Jenny has navigated and steered while I celebrated Fathers’ Day . Maxine hasn’t knocked over a drink for hours. All is well on board Tainui.

Just before our second last lock on the Don the poor old engine suffered its second catastrophic coolant loss. Fortunately we had just tied up and the diagnosis was quickly made – a ruptured cooper coolant pipe installed by engineers in Norway against my better judgement. We missed our slot in the lock queue but the problem was quickly fixed – one of those permanent temporary repairs which adorn Tainui.

Fathers' Day cake

My father’s day cake


The girls on watch



The lovely Don River


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