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We decided to visit Cartagena by bus rather than sail 100 miles down the coast. However you get there, Cartagena is not to be missed.

The narrow streets of the old walled town are a feast for the eyes and the experience survives the presence of many tourists. 16th century domestic architecture is a delight and Bougainvilleas drape from overhanging balconies. The Inquisition Palace, Cartagena University’s campus, the Gold Museum, the museum of modern art, the romanesque cathedral and Padre Claver’s wondrous sanctuary kept us busy for 3 days.

Our rooms in the old town were a few doors from Garcia Marquez’ house. When we stopped for coffee at San Alberto, quite by chance I noticed a plaque on the building next door which read “Francis Drake lived here – 1586”.

Yep, there’s a bit of history here.

(More photos to follow)

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