Our 30 hour crossing of Cardigan Bay was the most miserable yet. Chaotic unpredictable seas and 25 knot headwinds played havoc with a stomach (mine, of course) well tenderised by a couple of bottles of merlot. Maxine loved it all, despite collecting some new and quite spectacular bruises (I am not allowed to post pictures of them). To cap off my humility she sang to herself and took midnight photos which would make JMW Turner jealous. Dreadful woman.

Approaching Fishguard the following day things improved, as they sometimes do when you go sailing. The sun came out and, with the assistance and advice of Milford Haven Coastguard we found our tide timing was perfect for passage through the Ramsay Sound race. Washing machine eddies and overfalls allowed 12.5 knots of boat speed.

Before dark we locked into Milford Haven marina for a chardonnay and deep sleep.

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