Bonaire is 35 miles west of Islas des Aves and our downwind run was gentle. The country came as a shock – 2 cruise ships, row upon row of candy coloured houses along a flat, pretty waterfront. Dutch neatness, pristine waters and a snug marina with good toilet facilities (much needed by this author, for personal reasons).

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Maxine, overwhelmed by so much civilisation, has been out and about, speaking Dutch and looking for a peluqueria. Loaded with immodium, I have been bound to the boat with my gripes until finally I hoed into the ciprofloxacin with immediate benefit. Everyone in Bonaire is involved either with scuba diving or kite surfing. I don’t think there’s much else to do.

From here it is another 35 miles west to Curacao and something similar to Aruba, before we leave the Netherlands and cross to the Colombian coast for the windy trip down to Santa Marta and Cartagena.

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