Blind Date

Here in Belfast it is grey and cold. Once again I have fallen between tectonic plates. I should go sightseeing but weather aside there is something unappealing about Belfast – the people are friendly but the architecture is a nightmare. Maybe it is just my mood.

Coming to pick up Blue Dove was like going on a blind date and I felt I was too old for such shenannigans. But she is all that I had expected and wanted – sturdy, simple and graceful. But after Tainui, oh so small.



Maxine and my old Russian friends Pasha and Tatiana arrive in 2 days and we are planning to spend 3 weeks cruising in Scotland before I return to Malta to join the Spanish rescue ship Open Arms. I will need to find somewhere to leave Blue Dove and I am thinking about either Oban or Ardfern.

First though, there will be the stressful business of settling in, followed by stowage and provisioning.

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