Battle Harbour

Battle Harbour is on the north side of the Straits of Belle Isle. Our first approach to this snug little tickle was in fading light. Not the easiest approach, although once done, it seems straightforward enough. Battle Harbour was once the centre of the southern Labrador cod fishing industry. Its narrow, deep and rocky harbour accommodated many hundreds of vessels at once although it is hard to imagine. There are rings driven into the sheer rocky hillsides to enable vessels to warp turn. 


With the collapse of the cod fishing industry, Battle Harbour was left to rot and subsume slowly back into its harsh natural environment. Most Labrador fishing villages have been left to continue this decay, but enthusiastic heritage groups have banded together to prevent the decline at Battle Harbour and rebuild some of the cottages and warehouses for posterity. 

We spent a wonderful week here, walking, exploring, relaxing after the W Newfoundland trip. The pictures below speak for themselves.

Battle083 Battle091 Battle092 Battle093 Battle100 Battle003x Battle005 Battle010 Battle011 Battle012 Battle018 Battle024 Battle029-1 Battle037 Battle041 Battle045 Battle046 Battle055 Battle056-1 Battle057 Battle058x Battle074   Battle080-1Battle077-1

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