30.03.09 – squalls and Brazilian buttocks


Rain squalls

Rain squalls

We spent a taxing night weaving our way through fresh squalls. Dave has the uncanny knack of attracting them. I would just be drifting off to sleep when Tainui would be over on our ear. I would come on deck to find Dave drenched in heavy horizontal rain, struggling to bring the boat off the wind. 20 minutes of furious activity dousing headsails and it would be all over. At least we launder during these episodes.

Today we have been loping across a smooth sea in a steady beam breeze. We dine on succulent papayas which remind me of Brazilian buttocks. The fruit has been wonderful this trip. The nights are cool and the days not at all steamy, which is a surprise and a relief. The girl with the dragon tattoo has had me occupied and provides welcome relief from the bleak Cold Chain Harbour.

It has been overcast and delightfully cool, with dry decks except during the occasional squalls. We are just south of the equator and the mouth of the Amazon is to the west. The experts have advised us to keep well off to avoid the logs and keep the better winds. The current is a joy – one to two knots are giving us a speed over the ground of 7 to 8.5 knots.

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