25.11.07 – Email to Chris

Hiding place of SMS Dresden in WW1

Hiding place of WW1 raider SMS Dresden

“We’ve had a great sail across the bay from that fjord where the battleship Dresden hid. We passed Puerto Bonito with that lovely house on the point and it occurred to me you should buy it. You could be alone there, with the sea at your doorstep.

BonitoPindo058 - Copy BonitoPindo047

Now, Mechuque Island is on our right. Remember that maze of little channels, the English yacht at anchor and the children waving to us from the point? The Andean backdrop is glistening and the seas are smooth. We’re headed for Pindo, with its rolling pastures, church, cemetery and the fishing boats high and dry. We’ll just get in before dark.

It is strange coming back to these places. While I cannot help thinking of you and us at every turn, with David and Martin it is a quite different journey. Easier both because I’ve been here before and because I can share sweaty men’s duties with them, but harder because this part of Chile is really yours and mine only. I miss you, Chris.

All is well with the boat. Only 3 problems: (1) while the engine start battery is good, the house batteries didn’t really survive the winter and I will need to replace them ASAP, (b) Dave is feeling a bit flat and is thinking of getting off in Puerto Natales, so I may be single-handing from then, and (iii) you’re not here.

I can handle the boat at sea alone as you know, but I am a bit worried doing the anchoring and tying to trees seulment after Puerto Natales, especially in fresh winds. I’d better do some practice. More importantly, it seems such a shame to have all this and not share it with you.”

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