14.03.08 – back to Puerto Williams

We roared back from Caleta Olla in gale force winds and steep seas. The weather was so bad that Ushuaia port was closed to shipping for the day, I believe.

Breezy day on the Beagle

Breezy day on the Beagle

As we surfed past the Islote Bartlett light, Ian remarked that it looked just like a lighthouse should – cold, lonely and windswept. Jenny retorted that like most lighthouses it wan’t doing enough to dispel the lighthouse stereotype – we shouldn’t feel sorry for it because it was complicit in its own oppression.

Today it is calm. Jenny is off climbing Cerro Bandera, while Ian and Rose have gone to town for coffee. Now that I have the boat to myself, I have a sense of what Chris has been on about all these years. The solitude is soothing, reassuring.

Tomorrow we head back to Ushuiaia to offload the girls. How I shall miss them both. Ian is going trout fishing for the day while I provision the boat, then off we go.

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