10.01.09 – food in Uruguay

In the cool of the morning we set about putting the new forestay together. Only then did I realise that the Wrapstop fitting was absent. It must have disappeared over the side when the forestay parted in Lemaire Strait. I hadn’t given it a thought till now. The North sails people in BA have agreed to look for a replacement and one of them (Torkel, who found me the norseman terminal) is doing the San Fernando to Punta del Este race in 5 days time. If he can find the part he will bring it down and we can meet him there. It might dovetail nicely, as we have about 3 or 4 days work here in Piriapolis – antifouling, putting the forestay together, servicing the Maxprop, provisioning and refloating the boat.

Uruguayans in Piriapolis don’t do food. Lunch today was a 10 inch diameter chicken schnitzel that looked and tasted like an empty hot water bottle. I don’t understand how the coffee can be so execrable when Brazil is just next door. Thank god for agua minerale. Like mata, which is the national drink, wine here is undrinkable and at times hard to tell from the beer.

Cruising loudspeakers blaring advertisements, gorgeous women, some lovely wildlife and shamelessly obese men.



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